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Paper Lanterns
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Paper Lanterns

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Called Kongming light these lanterns are were used to release distress signal. Nowadays, it is used to pray for our beloved or ourselves. It can drift up into the sky quickly and never seems to come down until it has burnt out. You can also write your wishes on the lantern. In the night, the sky seems to be very charming with lots of Kongming lights.

  • Brand new, lightweight and portable
  • Flight height: up to 1000 m
  • 15 g tissue paper for easy to carry
  • 100% environment friendly fuel
  • Biodegradable, flame resistant, non hazardous, safe
  • Note: This item is illegal in some states of USA, please make sure it is legal in your state before buying it
  • Material: Flame retardant paper
  • Weight: 1.98 oz
  • Flight height: 800-1000 m
  • Burning time: 8 - 10 min
  • Open size: 33 x 50 x 84 cm(13" x 19.7" x 33.2")
  • Package included: 50 x lanterns and fuel

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