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Natural Hexagonal Crystal Quartz
Natural Hexagonal Crystal Quartz
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Natural Hexagonal Crystal Quartz

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Natural Hexagonal Crystal Quartz Healing Fluorite Wand Stone Purple Green Gem

Product Description:

  • Hand-polished process with 100% natural fluorite.

  • Each pure natural fluorite quartz crystal has its own unique lines, which is a unique gift.

  • Fluorite is also known as "soft crystal or colorful gem", which can help to eliminate the negative energy accumulation in the body and remove the bad luck.

Product Parameters:

  • Line: unique piece due to natural formation

  • Size: length about 4.1-4.9cm 5-6cm 6.1-6.4cm

  • Color: colorful

  • Material: natural fluorite quartz crystal

  • Note:
    Each product is pure natural and unique, not exactly the same. There may be cracks for some products, which are naturally formed but not damaged by other objects.

Packing List:

  • 1 x Fluorite Crystal Bar

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